Worldwide Innovation Challenge in France: Apply by Dec 2 for grants up to 200,000


The Worldwide Innovation Challenge was launched by the French government in 2013 to identify talents from around the world and provide support for their growth in France.

As part of the Invest for the Future Programme, and with support from the Public Investment Bank (BPI France), the French government will allocate €300 million to co-finance innovative projects.


Call for projects is open to companies, large and small, French and foreign. Only projects conducted in France will be financed. Projects will be selected through a three-stage process, applicants are under no obligation to participate in all three stages:

  1. START-UP PHASE: Grants up to €200,000/project to about 100 projects
  2. RISK REDUCTION PHASE: Grants of up to €2 million/project to 40-50 projects
  3. DEVELOPMENT PHASE: 7 of the projects selected in Phase 2 will receive up to €20 million/project

110 projects were selected for the Start-up phase in 2014


Projects must correspond to one of the following eight goals:

  1. Energy storage
  2. Recycling of metals
  3. Development of marine 
  4. Plant proteins and plant 
  5. Personalized medicine
  6. The silver economy
  7. Big data
  8. Public security and protection against threats


The main criteria for selecting applications are as follows:

  • Degree of compliance with one of the eight Goals
  • Level of breakthrough of the innovation (technological or not)
  • Technical and/or scientific feasibility
  • Potential economic benefits of the project
  • Ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the project


The call for proposals closes December 2nd at noon.

Download the application form here:


If you have an innovative project and are interested in applying to the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, contact