The “French Tech Ticket”, a program launched in May 2015 to support foreign entrepreneurs, is now welcoming its first group of winners to Paris.

The selection process was rather grueling: only 3% of 1,372 applicants reached the finish line during the final deliberations in January. The goal was to attract young foreign talents to France with a wide range of measures to simplify their lives.

Each candidate will receive a grant of €25,000 for one year and will be hosted for free in one of the ten Paris incubators that are partnering in the program. An accelerated procedure for obtaining a residence permit has also been implemented, with assistance from the Ministry of Interior.

Foreign startups will also benefit from legal and administrative support and training. The government’s overarching goal is to make Paris a capital of the digital world.

The recent international success of Criteo (targeted Internet advertising) and BlaBlaCar (community ridesharing platform), prove that France is an outstanding base for creating a successful startup.

These 23 startups from around the world were officially received at the French president’s Elysée Palace in early March.

AGRIVERSITY, a dedicated online platform for training farmers

BIFASOR, a platform that brings together transport and logistics professionals in Africa

BRAND PIT analyzes customer behavior using image recognition technologies

CHALLENGING SOLUTIONS, an open-source robotic mobility device

CHIFCO, produces a box that measures energy consumption of residences and their equipment, in order to better manage it

COPHENOL, a circular economy project to make use of agricultural residues via a carbon negative process

DYMOND CLEANTECH, an eco-innovative technique for electrochemical water treatment

ELUM analyzes energy consumption and reduce electric bills

FARMINAL a dairy farm management solution

FUELLING  helps HR departments reward their employees for their physical efforts via a fun application

GAIUS AUTOMOTIVE offers a fleet of three-wheeled electric motorcycles to support sustainable urban logistics and reduce pollution and traffic congestion

GUESSWORK recommends products to customers making their first purchase on an e-commerce site

INFUTHE is reinventing the tea bag in order to revamp its image

INSPIRO a mobile platform for innovation and collaboration in the arts

MESH UP helps users make the right career choice via data mining and geolocation

MEVRY an online platform allowing people to try on clothing accessories

PIN & TUCKER allows you to get instant feedback from your community of friends while shopping

POLYWED uses data analysis to improve the success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF)

PRESSMATTIC transforms the WordPress content management system into a software development module and application

Q-BOT provides robotic solutions for inspection and insulation of buildings and infrastructures

SMASHRUN helps joggers stay motivated and improving their performance

TIMEJOY a smartphone app combines a smart calendar and personal assistant

TRIDOM a fully autonomous 3D robotic printer system capable of creating or strengthening a building while significantly reducing costs

Originally published in Succeed in Paris

Author: Frederique de Bast

Credits: Presidence de la Republique