Gartner estimates that by 2020, 25 Billion connected devices will be in use. The IoT will have a huge impact as every sensor can virtually create a new business opportunity.

One IoT category that draws a lot of attention is wearables. Until recently, most wearable devices were offering almost exactly the same information; so that some thought that fitness trackers and wearables had reached a plateau. But some differentiation is finally occurring with startups like Electrozyme that analyzes sweat or Empatica that monitors stress levels. Wearables are just the tip of the iceberg and IoT is conquering all the other dimensions of a consumer’s life. The smart home is reinventing what we called ‘domotique’ in France almost a decade ago. Connected cars are another burning topic. Especially in Silicon Valley as Google, Audi and BMW have the permits to drive on the roads of California since last September.

Despite all the promises the IoT holds for us, there are still some hurdles to overcome such as Data congestion, protocol heterogeneity and security.

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