Valerie Pécresse, the President of the Paris Region, along with a delegation of French entrepreneurs and governValerie Pecresse and PRIMEment officials, was in New York and Boston ton October 27 and 28. The purpose of the trip was to promote the assets of Paris Region and attract foreign investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The delegation met with several French and American entrepreneurs, the Lycée Francais in New York as well as the CEO of General Assembly, the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Director of LabCentral. Mrs Pécresse also had the opportunity to speak at Harvard University on “Delivering change in the new European context”.

French Tech Hub, the growth accelerator for French companies in the U.S. welcomed Mrs Pécresse and the delegation to the Cambridge Innovation Center for a conversation with French entrepreneurs on scaling their business in the U.S. PRIME, the US subsidiary of Paris Region Entreprises then invited more than 100 people from the Boston ecosystem to meet with Mrs Pécresse who talked about the new opportunities existing in the Paris region innovation ecosystem.

Valerie Pecresse meets FTH Boston

Valerie Pecresse at CIC Boston

Valerie Pecresse meets with PRIME