The Designer of Things conference took place last week in San Jose. This was the opportunity for designers and developers on the cutting edge of future tech space to collaborate, learn, exchange ideas and forward the conversation about wearable tech, 3D printing and IoT.

During the conference, 10 semi-finalists for the 2015 IPSO CHALLENGE showcased how companies are using Internet Protocol (IP) and open standards in building the Internet of Things (IoT).

PRIME is very happy to announce that two of the winning technologies are from its partner Inria, the French public science and technology institution dedicated to computational sciences.

HeadsUp logo_Inria

HeadsUp! won the IPSO CHALLENGE 2015 People’s Choice Award

HeadsUp! uses a smart object equipped with an accelerometer to monitor the position of a patient’s head when recovering from pneumatic retinopexy surgery, a procedure used to heal retinal detachment. HeadsUp! employs state-of-the-art, IP-based, low-power wireless networking technology to report data to the cloud. The patient gets alerts whenever his/her head deviates too much from its ideal position. With the patient’s consent, the surgeon’s office can follow the patient’s progress and take corrective actions if required.

MicroPnP_InriaThe MicroPnP project received 3rd place in the IPSO CHALLENGE 2015

MicroPnP is a zero-configuration Internet of Things platform that instantly connects your things to the cloud. Each MicroPnP “thing” can be customized with a range of plug-and-play peripherals, which instantly integrate with your network. On the software side, the MicroPnP HTML tag and JavaScript libraries empower more people than ever before to build IoT applications. This is complemented by world-leading performance. MicroPnP achieves a         10-year battery life, 99.999% network reliability and plug-and-play hardware integration at 10 million times less energy than USB.

What’s next?

Thomas Watteyne, Research Scientist at Inria and creator of both technologies, is currently looking to commercialize the HeadsUp! solution and to establish partnerships with caregivers, startup companies and investors to take this idea to market. He is also looking for partners to develop the MicroPnP technology, with particular applications in Smart Factories, Smart Construction, Smart Home and Smart Cities.

Please contact for more details.