Health startups are being launched in record numbers.  The health tech space is booming with new advances in mobile health, and social media.  But with the economic downturn, it’s hard to go out on your own without funding or mentorship. Over the past year, four startup incubators have surfaced offering a mentoring program specific to health technology entrepreneurs.  But, which one should you apply to? Here’s a breakdown of each accelerator and their offerings:

Rock Health

Startup Health

Blueprint Health


Grant awarded






No equity in return

A small amount of equity is required

6% equity in return

7% equity in return


early stage and pre-VC funding

startups at any stage are accepted

companies ready to go from idea to product

startups at any age are accepted


Companies focused on web and mobile apps preferred

Any field of health from consumer to pharma can apply

Any field of health from consumer to pharma can apply

Any field of health from consumer to pharma can apply


The most experienced incubator:





office space is provided in San Francisco

you don’t have to move anywhere

office space is provided in NYC

office space is provided in Chicago & Boston


5 months

36 months

3 months

5 months

It doesn’t hurt to take a step back and think about your idea, product, or company to raise the critical questions to address your start-up’s longterm vs. short-term needs.

Are you more design focused with web 2.0 style? Rock Health is a good fit.  Does your product cater to the life sciences or pharmaceutical companies?  Healthbox has some successful mentors in that arena.  Can’t pick up and relocate to a new city?  Startup Health makes sure you don’t have to.  Have an idea but not a prototype?  Blueprint Health will get you launched in 3 months.

Whichever incubator is the right fit for your team, make the most of the resources and opportunities by making the right connections. Our team at Hubtech21 welcome you to grow in the right health incubator.

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