The Driving Revolution – a PARISOMA event – held on May, 23th in San Francisco was a great opportunity to catch the latest updates on innovative products and start-ups related to connected vehicle technologies. The 10 start-up panel joins the event to showcase their solutions and exchange with numerous experts with the audience.

Here is a snapshot of these promising companies and the services they provide:

1. ABALTA: Provider of cloud-related solutions for devices connected to the car. They built their own platform to support iPhone/Android applications and enable drivers to download the applications directly from their phone to the car’s onboard computer.

2. Cellcontrol: Focusing on the safety management field, they developed a plug-in device for car installment. Thanks to their technology, your parents or friends riding with you in the car car can lock internet functions of your  phone by Bluetooth and permit you to focus more on the road.

3. VoicePark: This San Francisco-based company utilizes his 20,000 sensors’ network to find you a place to park in a second. Each one of their 20,000 locations (street or private parking) are equipped with their technology sensor and help you, through an iPhone application, to detect the nearest empty parking spot and give you the shortest way to get there.

4.  Tickengo: A community to connect riders with drivers who share the same destination. A crowd-sourcing platform connects users to optimize driving routes.

5. Mycarma: Plug their MyCarma box in your car for a 1 to 3 week period, and they are able to predict your exact fuel consumption. Go to their website, chose few models you would like to buy and in a second you will know which one is the most cost efficient regarding your use.

6. Via Motors: A car design company, which selects available vans/pick-ups in the market and transforms them with full electric traction and range-extended power.

7. Weroll: Carpooling community creating the link between passengers and drivers for routine rides (go to work, sport training…)

8. Roadify: This iPhone application allows you to connect directly with official transit schedules, pick up alerts and updates from other users on your mobile to manage your time in transports. You can modify the airline or train schedule by accessing it directly using the app.

9. QuickPay offers a Remote payment solution for your parking bills. QuickPay provides a dynamic map of free places allowing you to pay with their application.

10. Chargepoint: The world’s largest online network of EV charging stations enable users to locate the nearest station in more than 12 countries to make EV driving easier.

All these companies presented ground-breaking innovations and clever business models but if we had to rank them this would be our Top 5:

  1. ChargePoint
  2. VoicePark
  3. Abalta
  4. MyCarma
  5. QuickPay