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3) The most important: listen to the needs of tomorrow’s customer

Technology is just a tool to enhance the reading experience of the user. Whatever technology providers might say, they will not change the world if they don’t understand their customers’ needs and expectations.

Understanding the customer implies that publishers and resellers collaborate to provide the best experience, evangelize the customers and get their feedback in an iterative process.

Personalization of the digital book is a crucial feature according to Dominique Raccah, CEO and Publishier at Sourcebooks. Teachers want their students to be able to delve into Shakespere by providing them a simplified version of the text according to their level. An embedded dictionary should also be able to give different definitions according to the language capacity of each student. The content of the book can be personalized according to the language skills, their location, and social activity of the users.

What will happen to publishers and resellers?

Phil Sexton, publisher at the Writer’s Digest presented a very interesting study on the “hybrid authors.”  “Hybrid authors” are both published by an editor and self-published. On average these authors earn more than the others.

The results of the studies are striking. These authors don’t really see the value added by thei rpublishers in terms of marketing or support to create the content.

4) Marketing the launch of a book: the difference from 2008 and Today

The capacity to engage an audience on Facebook or Twitter around the book, with additional leverage from comments posted on GoodReads, are key to ensure the success of a book. The use of HTML5 technologies will also enable us to get insights on how content is being read. What, when, and how long a reader spends on your content will enable you to adapt the way you write or publish. But who should be in charge of digital marketing and data tracking? The author? The Publisher? The reseller?

Publishers truly have to refine their value proposition in the new digital publishing market. Their role has always been to edit and to market. What should it be now?  The same question applies to reseller and in particular to physical reseller. Their role should be focused more on advising and selecting if they want to survive.

I could go on forever as the conference was really rich in terms of content, so if you have questions feel free to contact me @mbuhotlaunay.