“A flexible, cooperative place of work that allows freelance and mobile workers to have a home base.” This is the definition of coworking according to Baptiste Broughton, director of the Neo-Nomade project – an expert in the coworking phenomenon who offers us his choice of spaces based in the Paris Region.

The “Pros”

Blue Office :

These ultra-connected, shared offices, equipped with video-conferencing, are closest to a traditional office business spirit. There are currently five sites in Paris located at Noisy-le-Grand, Maisons-Laffitte, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Massy and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

♦ Industry sectors: All sectors
Office types: individual offices (12 to 20m2) and a 300m2 coworking lounge space
Total surface area: 1500-2000 m2
♦ Number of places:
5 shared offices in Paris and the Paris Region
Cost and subscription type: from €25 excl. tax per day
Services: Wi-Fi, cafeteria, video-conferencing, lockers, corporate address, reprography copying, telephone, newspapers, car park, parking spaces

Start-Way :

Large, bright spaces, open or private offices, plus coaching for startups. In a word: flexible! Eight spaces are already open in Paris and the inner suburbs (Arcueil Cachan, Montreuil etc.).

♦ Industry sectors: All sectors
♦ Total surface area: 200 to 2000m2
Number of places: 8 shared offices in Paris and the Paris Region
Cost and subscription type: partial (€219/month, half-day or 10 days per month), full (€329/month, 24-hour and 7-day access) or flexible (€250/month, occasional reservations)
Services: Wi-Fi, office equipment, meeting room, kitchen and dining area, corporate address etc.

The “Community”:

Remix Coworking :

This community of creatives (photographers, dancers, artistic directors etc.) organizes weekly events for members: openings, cocktails, closet clearances or brainstorming sessions. Three spaces are open 24 hours a day in Paris.

♦ Addresses: 57 rue de Turbigo, Paris (3rd); 12 rue des Fontaines du Temple, Paris (3rd); Petites Écuries, Paris (10th)
♦ Industry sectors: web design, illustration, photography, communication, cinema, audiovisual, computing.
♦ Surface area: between 600 and 2000m2 per site
♦ Number of places: 3 offices in Paris
♦ Cost and subscription type: non-members (€380/month), 6-month subscription (€360/month), 12-month subscription (€340/month)
♦ Services: Wi-Fi, office equipment, conference room, meeting rooms, café, relaxation areas etc.

Be Coworking :

These new high-tech, designed collective spaces attract young entrepreneurs of all stripes drawn by the “incubator” approach. It’s a genuine ecosystem for workers fostering exchanges, networking and partnership creation. The sites feature lounge areas and even a rehearsal room for artists.

♦ Addresses: 24 rue des Épinettes or 60 rue de la Jonquière (17th), Porte de Saint-Ouen (18th)
♦ Industry sectors: all sectors
♦ Surface area: 460 m2 of shared office space
♦ Cost and subscription type: permanent workstations (€199 to €290/month/part-time), mobile workstations (€25/day and €220/month), coffee pass (€19/day and €3.5/hour)
♦ Services: Wi-Fi, office equipment, meeting rooms, outdoor terrace, training courses, workshops etc.

Split Coworking:

Creativity and innovation are the watchwords of this friendly space consisting essentially of a small agency on a human scale specializing in marketing, PR or design.

♦ Address: 3 rue Stephenson (18th)
♦ Industry sectors: media and communication, design
♦ Surface area: 230 m2
♦ Cost and subscription type: full time (€275/month), part-time (€180/10 days per month), shift (€90/5 days per month), mobile (€20/day)
♦ Services: Wi-Fi, office equipment, meeting rooms

Numa Cowork :

Created in April 2014 by the highly active Silicon Sentier association, Numa is a continuation of La Cantine, the first coworking space in France (2008). Located in a former textile company, 1,500m2are fully dedicated to digital start-ups.

♦ Addresses: 39 rue du Caire, Paris 2nd, and 71 rue du Faubourg St Martin, Paris 10th
♦ Industry sectors: digital, technology, web
♦ Surface area: 1500 m2
♦ Cost and subscription type: on a daily basis (€20/day), subscriptions (€300/month)
♦ Services: kitchen, meeting/reception area, lab device access (multi-screen testbed available in a single office), secure lockers, SaaS advantages (discounts for Aircall, Mailjet, Mention, TextMaster), and free coffee.

The “hackers” and the originals

Mutinerie :

This historic player in the coworking sector favors absolute freedom for freelancers and the self-employed in a relaxed “jeans and trainers” atmosphere featuring a Ping-Pong table. Their latest utopia is a rural coworking space located in a “connected” 40-hectare farm only 90 minutes away from Paris!

♦ Addresses: Mutinerie, 29 rue de Meaux, 75019 Paris; Mutinerie Village, La Lochonnière, 28240 Saint-Victor de Buthon
♦ Industry sectors: media and communication, design, finance, human resources, new technologies etc.
♦ Surface area: 400 m2
♦ Number of places: 30 places maximum (Mutinerie Paris)
♦ Cost and subscription type: full time (€290/month), part-time (€190/10 days per month), shifts (€95/5 days per month)
♦ Services: printers / scanners, Wi-Fi, meeting room, lockers, private phone booths

Ici Montreuil :

The perfect home for artists and designers! 1,700 m2 of space is available under the Fab Lab umbrella (a concept that involves freely sharing creative tools) with pooled workshops, several shared-access machines and over 40 craft and artistic disciplines.

♦ Address: 135 Boulevard Chanzy, 93100 Montreuil
♦ Industry sectors: crafts, applied arts, technology
♦ Surface area: 1,700 m2
♦ Number of places: over 160 places
♦ Cost and subscription type: full-time (€199), part-time (€129), 10 days (€125), 20 days (€200), 30 days (€250)
♦ Services: high speed Internet, printers / photocopiers, computer assistance, workshops, machine pool, business coaching etc.

Kwerk :

A stag’s head as part of the décor, a mobile office shaped like a trunk, bamboo wallpaper… opened last March in Boulogne-Billancourt, this new agency cultivates humor and unconventionality. Its motto is “Go West”.

♦ Address: 50 route de la Reine, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
♦ Industry sectors: all sectors
♦ Surface area: 700 m2
♦ Number of places: 32 individual offices (1 to 5 persons), 12 open desks
♦ Cost and subscription type: shared space (€15/half day, €30/full day, €380/month), individual private office (€550/month), private office 2/3 people (€1,100/month), private office 3/4 people (€1600/month)
♦ Services: Wi-Fi, office equipment, meeting room

The “nomads”:

La Cordée:

For Parisians travelling in the Lyon region or natives of Lyon visiting the capital, a Cordée offers coworking spaces close to Gare de Lyon, with the possibility of working there for an hour or two… between trains!

♦ Address: 61 rue Traversière, 75012 Paris
♦ Industry sectors: new technologies, graphic design, translation etc.
♦ Cost and subscription type: member access (€4/hour capped at €299/month), non-member access (€5/hour)
♦ Services: Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, EC partnerships, hotlines (legal, accounting) etc.

Originally published by Jerome Pichon on Succeed In Paris Region