The Internet of Things is definitely a hot trend in the Paris Region. On June 12th, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency organized a TechMeeting on this subject gathering Paris-based as well as international IoT startups, corporations and experts. This event was part of the 2014 Futur en Seine program. The TechMeeting gathered more than 60 people who interacted with a panel of digital experts:

  • Stéphane Evanno, VP Innovation & Business Opportunities at BOSCH
  • Stefan-Eldon Recher, Group VP Strategic Projects & Global Offers at BULL
  • Philippe Dewost, Deputy Director in charge of Digital Economy at CAISSE DES DEPOTS
  • Andrew Yeoman, Co-Founder & CEO at CONCIRRUS
  • Patrice Slupowski, VP Digital innovation at ORANGE


The panelists shared their thoughts and experiences on the Internet of Things and the main challenges of this emerging industry: Which business models to adopt? How to use and protect collected data? Which platform to use?

After the panel discussions, the Paris Region Economic Development Agency had organized 40 BtoB appointments for IoT SMBs to meet withcorporations like Altran, Bosch, Bull, Concirus, IBM and Orange, business clusters like Cap Digital and Systematic, and research centers like Inria and Supelec.

“We are working on predictive maintenance and the connected car. It is very interesting for us to talk with various potential partners like Bosch. It helps us to build future partnerships and to prepare ourselves for collaborative projects.” says Mallick Sayanta from VMWARE

“We are satisfied by this TechMeeting. B to B meetings enable us to talk with a company that we thought was a rival … we actually considered some partnerships with them. These meetings made us gain some precious time” say Cyril Brigonne and Fabien Jeanneret from ARRAYENT.

« For a startup, it is always difficult to identify the right representative in a corporation. My meeting with Bull gave me a first feedback on my solution and helped me to prepare for the next steps. It is really time saving” concludes Pierre-Yves Simonot from SANTECH