On Thursday April 26th the Global Open Innovation Network convened a group of experts and entrepreneurs in Boston for a Techmeeting on AI and Healthcare. The event coincided with the World Medical Innovation Forum as well as the Bootcamp with Medicen startups from the Paris Region.

The panel featured:

  • Greg Sorensen, MD, supervisory board member and former CEO, Siemens Healthcare North America
  • Antoine Bril, Scientific Director at Servier
  • Ruchita Sinha, Sr Director Investments at Sanofi Ventures
  • Peter Osborne, Innovation Lead at Philips Healthworks

They explored areas that AI will transform and change the way medicine is practiced today and how to deliver meaningful impact. As representatives from large companies, the panelists also shared how they are working with the startup community and creating collaborative environments to be able to accelerate paths to market and breakthrough innovations.

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare space has huge potential in a variety of settings as was illustrated by the startups that presented their solutions:

VitaDX VitaDX develops a non-invasive solution for early bladder cancer diagnosis built on a differential fluorescent signal using machine learning algorithm.
Implicity Implicity develops a multi-vendor remote monitoring platform that enables hospitals and clinics to monitor patients with pacemakers and defibrillators.
Tilak Healthcare Tilak Healthcare disrupts the diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with chronic eye diseases thanks to clinically validated mobile games.
AI Vision aiVision is a remote Teleophtalmology support to diagnostic platform powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms already available to early screen the leading cause for blindness in the world: Diabetic Retinopathy.
Buoy Health Buoy builds a free digital health tool that helps people – from the moment they get sick – start their health care on the right foot. Buoy leverages artificial intelligence – powered by advanced machine learning and proprietary granular data – to resemble an exchange you would have with your favorite doctor – to provide consumers with a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms.
Pillo Health Pillo is an intelligent healthcare assistant for the home – he stores, dispenses, and reorders vitamins and medication, and provides users with the information and services that they need to better manage their health. For consumers, Pillo drives better health outcomes. For providers, Pillo is uniquely positioned to efficiently complete the “last mile” of care.
DeepHealth DeepHealth uses machine learning to bring the best doctor in the world to every patient; its first product is mammography software that has been trained and validated on many lifetime’s worth of data, achieving performance surpassing many radiologists.


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