Meet La Nouvelle Paris, a dynamic, accelerating ecosystem of bold tech shrines to global startup fever, coding mastery, and business innovation. Plug into the wildly disruptive, zero-tuition, gamified non-university, 42: the coding school sans curriculum or professors. Reside in Le Village by Credit Agricole, ideal for startups seeking to incubate and connect with the corporate clients of France’s largest bank. Enter the gravitational vortex of la pièce de resistance, the world’s largest tech cathedral, Paris’s new Notre Dame, the gloriously fashionable 1,000-strong startup colossus Station F, the nexus of the nation’s burgeoning love affair with tech.

Last week, after zipping through the countryside from Lausanne, Switzerland on the 320-kilometers-per-hour TGV express to Paris’s Gare de Lyon, we skipped the traditional tourist pilgrimage to the Eiffel Tower and Versailles, and set off for France’s ultra-modern techie mecca, Xavier Niel’s Station F.


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Story written by Susanna Camp and Jonathan Littman.