Anas BouassamiSnipfeed is  an AI-powered mobile content discovery platform that delivers snackable, hyper-relevant, and personalized information. The company was co-founded by 2 students at UC Berkeley. We sat down with co-founder Anas Bouassami to learn more.

Tell us about Snipfeed and your value proposition?

The current technology-native generation (Gen Z) is increasingly dependent on their mobile phones for content and information. e noticed that there isn’t a major social platform that provides meaningful news or the tools for contextualization for this generation. Meanwhile, media and content creators are demanding better engagement strategies and monetization options from platforms they publish on..

Snipfeed is Gen Z’s “front-door” to the internet, our technology leverages Artificial Intelligence to cut through the noise and delivers only what users care about. We also make sure the content is trustable and not hateful. Snipfeed is also an outlet for media & content creators to engage and monetize their content in a whole new way through mobile.

How exactly does Snipfeed work and what technology is powering the solution?

Leveraging the best recommendation systems backed by AI, we recommend valuable, social and personalized content to users in a mobile-only format: articles, short videos (horizontals/verticals), podcasts and mini-games. Users can interact with information through snips and snack lessons which help them to contextualize thanks to “facts” recommended by the AI. They can also express how they feel about it using emojis: by doing so they will have immediate access to “ongoing”​ opinion pools.

For creators and publishers, our technology gives them  the ability to have their “own” app and more importantly, let them monetize their content through personalized ads, by selling exclusive content (exclusive articles, videos, podcasts, books…), getting tips on the app and many other ways. Content creators would have nothing to do because we automatically aggregate all content on Snipfeed and turn it into mobile-first experiences (from Youtube, podcast RSS feed, and blogs…).

Tell us more about your journey to opening the Paris office.

For the past few months, we have received many inquiries from European media and influencers who are interested in working with us. It has come to our attention that an office in Europe would be beneficial for our future product launch in Europe and Africa.

After our meetings with Paris Region Entreprises USA, we got a better understanding of the ecosystem and financing opportunities available to us, such as those through BPI France. Paris Region Entreprises USA also made some valuable introductions which were very precious   for Snipfeed’s long-term growth.

In addition, we wanted to take advantage of the great financial incentives to do R&D in France and to recruit top talent.  Therefore, we decided to base our European HQ in Paris.

As French founders, we are particularly excited about having an office in Paris that allows us to learn from the best in both countries, the US and France. Snipfeed works towards bringing a better future for the information and media world, so being able to understand different cultures and having a global view are indispensable tools for us. We already hired five people in France from the best Engineering schools, and we plan to hire more in the future. With the Paris Region’s help, we can’t wait to see what the future journey holds for us.