The mobility sector in the Paris Region features unique opportunities for business development. Public transportation in the Paris Region serves 12 million residents, as well as 47 million tourists each year, with 8.5 million trips a day.

The Paris Region has a rich and diverse ecosystem around mobility, bringing together large corporations (PSA, Renault), startups (Blablacar, Zenpark) and competitiveness clusters (Advancity, Mov’eo, Systematic). For several years the Paris Region has been firmly committed to implementing sustainable and innovative mobility throughout its territory.

Paris Region Mobility

Some key initiatives include:

  • The Grand Paris Express, 205 km (127 miles) of fully-automated metro lines with 68 new stations, a total investment of €32 billion. This project, unique in Europe, is intended to be the world’s most fully automated rapid transit system.
  • By 2025, replacing the entire 4,500-bus fleet of the RATP (the Paris Region’s primary public transport operator) with electric or NGV vehicles.
  • Promoting the use of shared vehicles with the successful deployment of Autolib’, the world’s largest car sharing service for electric vehicles. There have been over 4 million Autolib’ rentals (2014).
  • Double the total length of bike paths (from 435 miles today to 870 miles in 2020) in the City of Paris.

There are also many incubators and corporate accelerators looking for innovative startups and technologies to work with and further address mobility and transportation issues in the Paris Region. Some notable examples include:

In order to facilitate business development opportunities, Paris Region Entreprises and its US branch PRIME, are organizing two Smart Mobility TechMeetings where startups can meet corporations. With more than 100 attendees, one-on-one meetings and representatives from large corporations, R&D centers, investment firms, and startups, these events are an ideal opportunity to identify potential expansion projects in the Paris Region.

If you are interested in presenting your startup at this event, please apply on the event page.

This TechMeeting is also organized during City Innovate’s BridgeSF conference. Use the code “PRIME” for 30% discount to attend Thursday’s sessions. Full schedule here.

If you would like to present your startup at this event, please apply on the event page.

For more information about any of these events or how PRIME can support your business development plans in the Paris Region, please contact us