Paris, 5 October 2015 – Singularity University the educational and business organization focused on the opportunities presented by rapidly advancing technologies, has announced a new partnership with Crédit Agricole SA, Keyrus and Telecom ParisTech to launch the first “Global Impact Competition” in France.

A special event co-organized by Paris Region Entreprises will be held at Telecom ParisTech on 13 October 2015.

Global Impact Competitions” have already been successfully launched in many countries by Singularity  University.  The aim of these competitions is to discover entrepreneurs developing innovative technologies to help solve our greatest global challenges: food, energy, water, health, education security and disaster relief.

The newly announced “Global Impact Competition” in France will be open to students from the Engineering School Telecom ParisTech, with the competition focused on new developments in FinTech. The winner of the competition, who will be selected in December 2015, will be invited to participate in the Summer 2016 Singularity University Graduate Studies Summer Program (GSP). Upon returning to France, the student will have the opportunity to develop their innovative project, supported by the alumni network of the organization. Unsuccessful finalists will benefit by having access to a cadre of mentors and coaches who will follow them in the start-up phase of their project. The jury will consist of representatives from Singularity University, Crédit Agricole SA and Keyrus, the competition’s financial sponsors, and Telecom ParisTech, the academic beneficiary, as well as individuals from the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and academia. The mission of these four major organizations will be to encourage and inspire the candidates in the development of new ideas, on which they can choose to capitalize at the end of the competition.

For Rob Nail, CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University: “I’d like to thank Crédit Agricole SA and Keyrus for joining with us to make the new French GIC a reality. Through this partnership, we can identify a diverse and talented group of innovators in France who will come to SU Graduate Studies Program where we can provide a broad, cross-disciplinary understanding of disruptive technologies and empower them with the tools, knowledge, skills and mindset needed to deliver real humanitarian impact at multiple levels.”

For Zak Allal, SU Global Impact Competition Director in France: “This new French partnership lays the first stone of a new bridge linking Silicon Valley to France. In a world where FinTechs are essential to creating a balance of financial exchanges, we are very proud to offer a student from the prestigious Telecom ParisTech the benefit of a unique education at Singularity University. This is made possible through generous grants from our partners, Crédit Agricole SA and Keyrus.”