spaceBig Data always goes deeper in energy management for smart grids and resiliency. This week C3 and EOS Energy Energy win the funding, Nest thermostat management Company launched on Goolge glass, and PG&E ranked #1 to operate with smart systems on their grid.

Funding of the Week – C3, Smart Grid Analytics Company, rose $15M on a $30M funding round this week. They will invest the money to empower their SAAS solutions helping operators and companies across the grid to analyze their energy consumption data and manage them in a more efficient way.

EOS Energy, got $15 million this last month on their battery technology. They work on Li-ion Battery for renewable energy storage and integration in the smart gird. They plan to commercialize their product in early 2014. They now start to work actively on finding a governmental partner to work with and accord with him on a city for a pilot project.

Company of the Week – PG&E, electric and gas grid operator, has been ranked #1 as company ready to let in smart technologies enter in their grid! Estimated to have the highest leverage of smart meter already in service and ready to be used smartly!

New Business of the Week – Nest, Home consumption management system Startup, ranked #1 in NA is launching on google Glass. The NextGlass App will enable you to manage your thermostat from the street thanks to the google Glass. BusinessInsider’s Alyson Shontell, discussed the  company’s incredible value of $800 million. 

Acquisition of the Week – Makani Power, Renewable Energy Company working on high altitude wind turbine has been bought by Goolge X Lab for his first direct acquisition!  After the Google Glass, the Google Car begs the questions, what will the Google Turbine of the future will look like?