Rock Health is an accelerator exclusively for health startups. They provide the capital, mentorship, operational support and office space necessary for qualifying start-ups in San Francisco.

Founded in 2011, RockHealth is the most experienced Startup incubator in the US for start-ups in digital health and healthcare technology.

RockHealth offers an intensive multi-month program, turning ideas into products and businesses. They recently selected 11 startups for this 5th program:


ThriveOn is a mobile application that customizes mental health treatment via mobile messages and notifications to patients.

Spire is a wearable sensor that tracks both physical and mental fitness to manage stress and increase productivity

Smart Patients is an online community for motivated cancer patients and their caregivers

Sensentia is developing a new breed of intelligent systems for healthcare administration and operation.

Lift Labs makes active stabilization tools for people living with tremor.


Fluid helps people diagnose the flu in minutes, without the doctor’s visit.

CRIXlabs builds software for de-risking drug development.

CancerIQ is harnessing big data to accelerate personalized cancer care.

Augmedix is a service for medical doctors that’s powered by Google Glass.

Anapsis is a research platform and marketplace for scientific and statistical computing.

Amplify Health builds population management tools for at risk provider groups

Top 4  Benefits from RockHealth Accelerator

1. A $20,000 grant to each team

2. Support from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation, Harvard Medical School, and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital to name a few…

3. Mentorship and workshops from experts in design, health policy, lean startup methodology, financing vehicles.

4. Office space in San Francisco.

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