Last Thursday on March 19th, Plug and Play accelerator organized its spring EXPO where 30 of its hosted start-ups pitched a crowded room in order to present and fund their solutions. Most of the presenting start-ups were indeed early stage, seeking seed funding.

Plug and Play founder Saeed Amidi warmed us up announcing a significant move towards Chinese entrepreneurs. Saluting PnP’s action in the valley since 2006, Amidi will open a tech center in Beijing in May 2015 and aims at investing in fifty to one hundred Chinese start-ups before the end of the year.

Plug and Play

Saeed quickly left the stage for his daring protégés to speak. All along the 30 pitches, two main trends stuck out:

  • No massive disruption was announced. Every company was down-to-earth, focusing on a realistic segment, offering a fit product to a sizeable market
  • Mobile applications and solutions are becoming the norm. Only 8 of the 30 pitches were not targeting this industry

Beyond these trends, let’s focus on pitches that caught our attention. Here are PRIME’s and French Tech Hub’s favorites:

Senaya: Jamshed Dubash COO & Cofounder proposed a solution to supply chain departments helping them track their assets in real-time. The company owns several patents and provides contextualized location, informing about temperature, light environment, movement… His target market is a large gathering of companies shipping high value and fragile devices (Chemicals, food, high-tech gear)…

RF DSP: Hardware tech company providing solutions accelerating wireless data-transfer. Claiming great promises for a huge market, keep an eye on this company!

Nucleator: This start-up wants to create a Peer-to-peer wifi system using mobile phones as hotspots. There are currently 48 million wifi spots in the world against 7 billon mobile phones. It is a strong potential idea !

Loungebuddy: This startup already closed its series A funding. Their idea : In a world where one passenger out of six sees its flight go through a major issue, Loungebuddy proposes an app which helps you find a peaceful place in the airport you are staying at. No more baby crying, no more crowd tension, no more uncomfortable chairs! The app provides you with the prices of the nearest lounges and, on the other side, it helps lounge owners to regulate their flow allowing them to attract people who do not necessarily fly in business or first class…

This pitching event gathered startups from every field and specialty. However, all these innovative ideas try to offer concrete solutions to specific markets. Even though this pragmatic strategy won’t make them change the world, it is a sure way to conquer it. Good luck to them !