Technology Transfer Accelerators Offices SATT IDF Innov, SATT Lutech and SATT Paris-Saclay announce the launch of “Paris Region Innovation Booster” in partnership with Paris Region Entreprises and French Tech Hub. This new initiative has two main objectives:

  • Strengthen companies’ competitiveness and support their global expansion through an eased technology transfer;
  • Promote internationally Paris Region R&D capabilities.

For companies looking to create revolutionary products, identifying and accessing cutting edge, exploratory research is a key competitive advantage, as Greg Satell [1] states in the Harvard Business Review. This is particularly true for SMEs for which true innovation is the only way to compete with Fortune 500 companies, their large installed bases and powerful sales and marketing teams.

“Technology developed in a French lab is often a key success factor for French companies in the USA. Amplitude, a global leader in laser technology, has an extensive partnership with CEA, CNRS and French universities”, notes Xavier Wartelle, French Tech Hub’s CEO.

However, disruption comes with many associated risks: finding the right skills and the right time to market, protecting and managing the IP and limiting costs.

This is why Paris Region technology transfer players decided to team-up to reduce the risk of developing innovation and to accelerate the competitiveness of companies and especially SMEs with a global ambition.

“Paris Region Innovation Booster offers a unique point of contact to leverage an unrivaled pool of talents and expertise in the Paris Region: more than 40,000 researchers and 40 elite universities and schools that count 23 Nobel Prizes and 13 Field Medals.” Says Beatrice Llirbat, CEO, SATT IDF Innov.

“Starting with the company’s needs, through this initiative, we offer very flexible solutions to boost competitiveness: a direct collaboration with a lab, the co-development of a proof of concept in which we will co-invest and the licensing of one of our 80+ technologies.” Says Chantal Vernis, CEO, SATT Lutech

“If the company is interested to co-develop a Proof of Concept, we work hand in hand to reduce the risk and accelerate the process: defining specifications, assessing risks, handling timeline, and investing in the PoC’s development and negotiating IP conditions”. Says Xavier Apolinarski, CEO, SATT Paris-Saclay

For interested companies a webinar in French will be organized on May 18th at 11:30AM to present the services offered by Paris Region Innovation Booster and answer all the questions the companies may have:

More info about the initiative:

[1] Satell, Greg. “Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research – Here's How They Do It” Harvard Business Review. April 21, 2016. Accessed April 20, 2017.

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