The Paris Region’s economic dynamism benefits from its position at the heart of the world economy. Its GDP is equivalent to that of the Netherlands, and higher than that of Sweden, Poland, Belgium or Norway.

Just released;  the “Paris Region Key Figures 2018” lays out a panorama of the region’s economic dynamism and social life, positioning it among the leading regions in Europe and worldwide.

Paris Region in 2018:

  • On the podium of global cities
  • The highest GDP in the European Union: €660b
    • 30% of the French nation’s GDP and 4.5% of the EU28’s GDP
  • 1,055,000 companies and 6.2 million jobs
  • Europe’s largest employment pool: 23.1% of jobs in France and 35% of French executives
  • Europe’s #1 region in R&D with the highest R&D spending and the largest pool of R&D workers
  • A consumer marketplace of considerable importance:
    • 12 million inhabitants, 18.2% of France’s population
    • 8.3 million visitors in the Region’s main conference and exhibition centers,
    • 47 million tourists
  • The largest stock of commercial property in Europe
  • A region in reinvention


Elaborated on the basis of the latest statistics and public information, this publication is produced by Paris Region Entreprises, the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Paris Region Urban and Environmental Agency (IAU île-de-France). You can download the entire 2018 report  here .