Paris Region Entreprises, in collaboration with the l’Atelier, has just launched the Paris Region Social Business Hub, designed to promote social innovation and help businesses in the Paris region to develop in this field.

A real meeting place and forum for exchange, this platform will connect different stakeholders (support structures, socially innovative companies, companies which benefit from social innovation….) but also different sectors (social solidarity economy, clean tech, silver economy, Internet of Things, collaborative economy…) likely to integrate social innovation into their business activities. The platform will also be a source of information (company pitches, existing aid schemes …). This future Paris region social innovation Hub will enable the emergence of partnerships between these numerous stakeholders and will give them both local and international visibility. In this way, Paris Region Entreprises is contributing to the change of scale in social innovation projects developed by companies in the Paris region.

A launch operation was organized on July 23rd 2015 in the Paris Region Entreprises offices, during which 120 participants gathered around different workshops (social innovation financing, international development, definition of a business model, measurement of and communication on the impact of social innovation…) in order to build together the actions that will be carried out within this hub.

Paris Region Social Business Hub is part of the European TRANSITION program (TRAnsnational Network for Social Innovation IncubaTION), a 30-month project involving six European Union countries whose goal is to support the change of scale of 300 social innovation projects across Europe and to develop a European social innovation incubator network (ESIIN).