Paris Region Business Tour: A unique opportunity to engage with the French business ecosystem and to make the most of the top Digital Conference in Europe.

Paris will host LeWeb Conference from December 9th to 11th. LeWeb is the largest annual digital tech conference in Europe bringing together 3500 attendees from 80 countries. Participants are entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers all aiming to shape the future of the internet.

Some of the speakers for this year’s event have already been announced: The founders of Evernote, Gigaom, BlaBlaCar and Lyft will be on stage. This year’s event will cover a broad range of topics such as the makers’ community, next-generation wearable computing, the reinvention of healthcare, the evolution of education…


To make the most of LeWeb Conference, PRIME and Paris Region Entreprises organize the Paris Region Business Tour, a customized program for a few selected American companies looking to expand their activities in Europe.

The U.S participants to the Paris Region Business Tour will be introduced to public officials, corporations, partners, clients, innovation clusters, R&D Centers, startups, and media.

We want to keep the group small enough to make sure we understand the needs of each participant and connect them to the right contacts in the Paris Region.  For the first time, San Francisco-based Open Innovation Club and its counter-part in Paris Region, the Club Open Innovation, together with Paris Region Enterprises are mobilizing their networks of top innovators and industry leaders to roll a red carpet for its American guests.

Only 25 American companies will be selected to join this program.

For more information, please contact Olivier Allegret; he’ll be glad to provide you details on this unique business tour.