Today, Paris Region Entreprises publishes its 2014 report on foreign direct investment in Paris Region. The Monitoring Unit presents an annual overview of the international businesses that are setting up or expanding their activities in Paris Region.

Whereas Western Europe saw a 15% fall in foreign direct investment between 2013 and 2014, the attractiveness of Paris Region increased by 32%: 2014 saw the realisation of 368 foreign direct investment projects, as against 279 in 2013.

After a period of very clear growth in 2013, “Paris Region’s attractiveness continues to increase. The improvements to the infrastructure makes it the preferred destination for foreign investment in the Eurozone”, states Robert Lion, Chairman of Paris Region Entreprises.

Significant growth led by North America and Asia, particularly in new technology

The United States heads the list of investor countries, having substantially increased its number of inflows from 66 in 2013 to 106 in 2014, up 61%. It accounts for 29% of direct investment in Paris Region during 2014. In total, North American investment grew by 64% in 2014 compared with 2013.

Another striking fact: investment from Asia, particularly Japan and China, was up 54% from 2013. New technology represented 33% of projects in Paris Region in 2014, a rise of 60% compared with 2013.

Companies are choosing Paris Region for their key development sites

43% of companies that establish a presence in Paris Region choose to site their decision-making centres here. Plus: 31% of companies establish service activities, 13% open retail outlets and 6% set up R&D, engineering and design centres.

68% of businesses establishing a presence in Paris Region are greenfield start-ups, 16% represent business expansions and 11% are mergers and acquisitions.

Paris Region increasingly attractive to investors

About the Foreign Direct Investment Monitoring Unit

The Foreign Direct Investment Monitoring Unit for Paris Region was established in 2014 by Paris Region Entreprises. As part of its brief, it records the number of businesses investing in the region, excluding those concerned with financing flows and property investment.