Mozilla WebFWD

For this interview, we have chosen to meet Diane Bisgeier, Program Manager for Mozilla’s WebFWD. After showing us the amazing view from their office, she presented us Mozilla’s WebFWD program which is a 3-month hands-on accelerator designed to help Open Web innovators around the globe build successful companies. Diane gave us her view of open innovation.

  • Hello Diane! To your mind, what benefit does open innovation bring to open-source entrepreneurs?

Bisgeier: Software development is fast moving and requires a large amount of information exchange. The more you can expose different ideas,  the faster the innovation will happen. Open innovation accelerates innovation which is key in software development. It helps you execute your idea, and the one who executes is the one who succeeds.

  • From WebFWD point of view, what are the most promising new trends in open-source innovation?

Bisgeier: Open source is becoming mainstream, not only reserved for geek techies. People are now more ready to embrace and contribute to open source. With social media, we have so many tools to communicate and to share whereby the culture is more tailored to an open source approach and people are less afraid of it. It is becoming more mainstream and I think it is healthy.

  • We see that WebFWD has partners all over the world, what does it bring to your companies to have international partners?

Bisgeier: The mission of Mozilla is all about accessibility, we think that the web should not be confined to a class of people or a certain geography. So we want anybody to contribute and to participate, as long as they can make the web better and it should not matter where they are. For example, Firefox is accessible in 98% of all the spoken languages in the world and this is done by volunteers, our DNA is very global. As an extension of Mozilla, we think it is important for the accessibility of the web to be global.

  • What do you see coming from Paris Region in term of innovation?

Bisgeier: Previously, we have the team Sketchfab coming from France who are creating a platform to publish and display interactive 3D models, so it is super exciting because it is web based, it is an easier way to access something relevant, and it is really innovative. We also have two new French companies in our classrooms this month. I am excited to learn more about them, and especially to understand the climate of being an entrepreneur in Paris because it sounds as if it is changing.

  • Well I guess this is a call for action for French entrepreneurs to enroll on your program in San Francisco or Paris. Thank you Diane!

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