Bringing outside innovation in

Faced with an accelerated pace of disruption, large corporations are seeking to remain competitive and at the cutting-edge.

We leverage our expansive network, at the heart of leading global ecosystems, to help large companies address critical business challenges and fast-track innovation.

Startup Sourcing

  • Identify new business models and growth drivers
  • Experiment new ideas through pilot projets
  • Create business and technology partnershipsFoster business and technology partnerships

Immersion Programs

  • Acquire valuable knowledge of innovation processes and technology disruption
  • Engage with entrepreneurs, key opinion leaders, and peers to share best practices
  • Explore business opportunities that drive long-term value


Global Open Innovation Network

  • A network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals
  • 35 events a year in SF, NY, Boston, Paris, Beijing & Shanghai
  • 250 startup pitches

Global Open Innovation Network

 The Global Open Innovation Network brings together likeminded corporate executives committed to ‘bringing outside innovation in’ with the goal to accelerate the transformation of their enterprises.


The Global Open Innovation Network aims to foster Open Innovation between all stakeholders involved in the innovation ecosystem: large companies, start-ups, research labs, and universities.

Corporate members of the Global Open Innovation Network collaborate to exchange best practices, identify new solutions, and access innovative start-ups.

With chapters in China, France and the U.S., the Network organizes innovation conferences, open innovation workshops, VIP dinners, and 1:1 meetings.