‘From Disrupted to Disrupter’. That’s what Accenture explained a year ago in an interview on Open Innovation.

For some time we have seen a growing number of corporations embracing Open Innovation to cope with the rapid transformation induced by technology and accelerated by a booming ecosystem of startups.

In March 2014 a group of French business leaders in San Francisco teamed up to take Open Innovation a steps further and created the Open Innovation Club to respond to this call.

The objective was then to learn best practices through a series of engagements with the innovation ecosystem but also to share among themselves what works and what doesn’t when innovations coming from outside are brought inside.

Questions where: How do I reconcile R&D with Open Innovation? How to engage efficiently with startups? What are the next waves of innovation? What are the new models of collaboration with customers?

Since its creation a year ago the club with its five founders more than doubled and is on track to double again in 2015 enrolling global companies present in Silicon Valley and seeking answers to the same questions.

To practice Open Innovation the Club uses four interrelated and tested approaches; here is a summary activity for 2014:

  • Innovation Meetups ‘startups meet corporates’ on a defined theme: Smart Cities, Big Data & Customer Relationship, Smart Home and Connected Building
  • Innovation Workshops where corporate members exchange their views on one topic with the help of experts: Data Governance, Makers & Fab Labs, Financing Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship
  • Learning expeditions: Paris Region Business Tour, Disrupt $500B
  • Match making:  Individual Meeting with innovative companies on specific technology theme leveraging an extensive database of contacts.

For its second year the Club has big plans with more Innovation Meetups (Smart Energy, Personalized Medicine) in addition to the participation to the annual CaFFEET Tech Show Case… in July an Innovation Workshop on Design Thinking, in December one on Culture & Technology.

The Club will expand in the U.S. with plans to deploy a chapter in Boston, and internationally with the creation of a network in Europe, Israel and Asia, coordinating innovation topics across geographies (transportation, energy, smart & sustainable cities, life science). An online collaboration platform will complete the model creating a multi-point innovation market place for its corporate members across the most innovative innovation clusters.

Open Innovation is on the move and accelerating.