At PRIME, our mission is to promote the Paris Region as a global center for innovation and assist foreign companies successfully set up their business over there. Our soft-landing services are free and include insights into the local market and ecosystem, connections to potential partners and clients, as well as R&D opportunities with research labs.

This year, we met thousands of companies across numerous industries from retail to life sciences, robotics, enterprise software, smart cities, mobility, transportation, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, and more. We are offering continued support to more than 100 of them in exploring the Paris Region as their European HQ.

We actively worked with more than 20 companies to launch their activities in the Paris Region, including Instaply, Nextuser, Realwear,, Wiredscore, Oak Labs, Cambridge Blockchain, Obviously, Gigya, Liftoff, C3 IoT and Bitwage. These companies chose the Paris Region because of the proximity to their clients, concentration of large corporations, innovation hubs, quality and availability of talent, and R&D excellence. The United States are actually the largest foreign employer in the Paris Region, providing jobs to more than 165 thousand employees.

We also launched the Paris Region Innovation Booster, a unique program in partnership with Technology Transfer Accelerators Offices. The program gives innovative companies access to the most prestigious and comprehensive offer in terms of scientific skills, research results and innovative technologies via direct partnership opportunities with research labs, co-investment in prototypes or IP licensing.

Through the Global Open Innovation Network, we ran more than 30 Techmeetings in San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Shanghai and Beijing on topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart cities, chatbots and more. The purpose of these open innovation events is for startups and large corporations to explore business and technology partnership opportunities.

If you are considering developing your business in Europe in 2018, please contact us to set up a meeting and discuss your needs. To kick off 2018 you may also find us at CES in Las Vegas from January 8 to 12 (Eureka Park, booth Paris Region Enterprises 50041).