Photo credit: Kim Holm

Inside an airy glass building in Boston, the future is being re-written; invented. We take an exclusive sneak peak at one of the world’s most innovative laboratories. It’s exciting to witness a driver-less automated vehicle undergoing testing on the MIT grounds. This is one of the many groundbreaking innovations been develop right at the heart of Cambridge, MA.

During one of my visits, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Rodriguez, currently working at the camera media Lab, responsible for development of a portable eyes diagnostics currently having great reviews on the market. While touring the lab Dr Sanches explained the philosophy of the MIT Media Lab. For nearly 25 years, MIT Media lab slogan remains the same, “Inventing a better future.”

The MIT Media Lab offers a unique model: Sponsors fund “research without constraint, meaning the researchers are allow to create and invent freely without a specifics assignment.

According to Dr Sanches, 70% of the project can have an application towards Healthcare. She mentioned new techniques to treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or depression, to sociable robots for monitoring the health of children or the elderly, to the development of smart prostheses that can mimic—and exceed—the capabilities of biological limbs.

Below is a list of Startup spin-offs from the MIT Media Lab on digital health:

Health MIT Media Lab Spin-offs

1. Using big data from mobile phones to model user behavior, and make inferences about health and wellness.

2. EyeNetra: A mobile-enabled eye diagnostic tool

3. Atelion Health / CollaboRythm: A platform that enables patients to be at the center of every interaction in their healthcare

4. Cogito Health: Provides self- and population-level monitoring of psychological health

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