Mission Bay is a major economic and urban renewal project just south of San Francisco’s city center. The area consists of old industrial shipyards and rail yards being redeveloped around biotech and life sciences with the arrival of USCF relocating to Mission Bay. The area is part of an innovation corridor from north to south and promises more housing, university and hospital space, parks, and office space for businesses who do not wish to settle in Silicon Valley.

Mission Bay ranks third among American life science clusters and boasts land that can used for training, research, and business. The arrival of UCSF in Mission Bay has given San Francisco an extra economic lift. The campus’ development has brought many biotech companies to the area, hosting start-ups in biosciences – an added innovation center on top of SOMA, downtown, and China Basin. It is different from other American clusters in that Mission Bay is adjacent to downtown rather than other outlying areas.

IAU (Institut d’Amenagement et Urbanisme d’Ile de France), the Paris Region Architecture and Planning Institute, explores studies related to city planning in France as well as internationally. IAU gives technical assistance to regional Ile de France council and provides public service documentaries via their “Science Cities” case studies. They studied Mission Bay campus as part of their “Science Cities” project to present several case studies on scientific campus and cluster developments in major cities around the world.”

To learn more please visit: http://www.iau-idf.fr/fileadmin/Etudes/etude_1080/NR_655_SF_GB_web.pdf