Managing in Balance, by Dr. Joshua Boger, founder and board director of Vertex, Bentley University.

joshua bogerFor Joshua Boger founder and board director of Vertex, an efficient manager should be:

–        fearless
–        creative
–        emotionally intelligent
–        deeply human

During his speech for ‘Managing in Balance’ event at Bentley University, on February, 25 th, he answered the following questions:

How do you see the future of e-health?

People want to take responsibility of their own health: future is to be one’s own doctor. To me, that is why a lot of doctors and health specialists are reluctant towards e-health, because from their knowledge comes their power…and their money.

What were the key success factors to reach sufficient stability in your company to make money?

You can’t make money with stability, to be successful in the long term you have to be in a perpetual movement!

How can we improve the number of students in the sciences field?

If you gave them the space, time and framework, babies can make some fantastic experiments! Every baby is doing experiments, the will to understand is in germs in every human brain. The point is to make science more attractive.