July Is the Month of Making History….and Acquisitions in Digital Publishing

After the acquisition of Penguin by Random House, the new company called Penguin Random House (PRH) will become a massive publisher. The company is present worldwide, and will publish more than 15,000 titles a year. They are focusing on digital publications, which is a respectable decision considering titles account for nearly half of eBook bestseller this week.

Product Launches

  • Disney Research Labs have developed a new program called HideOut. It is a new way that aims develop new form of interactions that could bring books to life with projected contents! HideOut project is a mobile projector-based system that enables new applications and interaction techniques with tangible objects and surfaces. To get a better overview of this new technology you can watch a video that explains you how it works.
  • Sparkup, the magical book reader is an intuitive technology that is going to be available for purchase starting July 20th.
  • The Sparkup reader gets attached to any picture book, and allows kids to read a book accompanied by the voice of his dad, mom, grandma, sister in college, or anyone! A great video on Sparkup website will show you how this new technology is going to revolutionize

Strategic Partnerships

  • Autography and HarperCollins announced their partnership, on July 16th 2013. As digital dominates magazine and journal subscriptions to book purchases, authors and publishers need to figure out how they are going to reach consumers.
  • HarperCollins can use the Autography software to engage users through digital book “signings.” Moreover, Autography offers a new technology that allows linking across various authors and readers. This should introduce a digital curating community where readers and authors can track digital copies and encourage social distribution.
  • Inkling signed a strategic deal with Pearson and Elsevier, July 17th 2013. According to Bryan Schreier, partner at Sequoia Capital, Inkling is the leader in the digital publishing revolution. Consequently, big publishers at Pearson and Elsevier are approving the platform to make a smooth transition into the digital market.

Funding Ventures

  • July 17th 2013, Inkling raised $16 million with participation from Sequoia Capital’s Growth Fund, Kapor capital, Sherpalo Ventures and Felicis Ventures. Inkling would like to help publishers capitalize on schools and college textbook content. Plus, the company would like to improve their online textbooks by adding 3-D augmented reality, videos, quizzes and social sharing.