The Internet of things is spreading its influence on all the verticals we can think of. From healthcare to agriculture, connected devices are proving to be more and more valuable everyday.

On the consumer side, very much has been said about wearables and smart home appliances. But one of the industries the most impacted by the IoT revolution is definitely the automotive sector.

The same way the Internet has disrupted the music industry, the internet of things is changing the way car dealers sell cars and consumers drive them. The emergence of new products and new services will ultimately craft a new economy for the car industry. If they want to survive, the various players of the automotive industry, from carmakers, to OEMs, to insurers, will have to adapt their business model.

Fortunately, most of them have already jumped on the bandwagon. All the players of the automotive industry are now catching up, competing with each other to launch ever more innovative features.

In the presentation below, we explore how the IoT is impacting the automotive sector and what new services are emerging.