Top IT Health Investments from the Rock Health report.

– Digital funding is up 25 percent from 2012

– Half of all year-to-date funding has been in five main categories, signaling the rise of health information technology:

1.  Remote patient monitoring (12 deals, $102 million total)

2.  Hospital administration (8 deals, $79 million total)

3.  Analytics and big data (7 deals, $78 million total)

4. Digital health records (8 deals, $69 million total)

5. Individual/employee wellness (6 deals, $62 million total)

The following top 5 Deals of 2013, represent nearly 20% of all funding:

PROTEUS (Remote patient monitoring)

$45M Personalizing therapy by connecting it to mobile phone

Funder: Oracle, Otsuka Pharma,  Novartis

HEALTH CATALYST (Analytics and Big Data)

$41M Solving healthcare data warehouse issues for health system

Funder: CHV, KP Venture, Sequoia, Srenson

WM WATARMARK (Remote patient monitoring)

$32M Diagnosing and treating sleep disorders through and end to end service

Funder: John Sculley, Capital partners, South Ocean Growth Equity



$31M Incubating multiple advanced technologies to improve health

Funders: Undisclosed


HealthTAP (EHR: Electronics Health Record)

$ 24M Connecting Millions of people with trusted health info and doctors

Funders: Asset Management Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Mohr David Dow Ventures

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