“HACKING BY DESIGN: deliberate innovation in healthcare”

2 weeks ago, Hubtech21 had the opportunity to co-organize an eHealth workshop in collaboration with JADE a project founded by the European Commission.

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to learn more about the Rhinnovators and Julien Pham the founder of RHINNO.

Julien Pham is a practicing nephrologist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH), faculty at Harvard Medical School, and an “ecosystem entrepreneur”. He believes that modern medicine needs clinician-entrepreneurs to play leadership roles as architects of innovation, and that the most disruptive processes and best practices will emerge from outrospection, empathy, and the “twinning” of many innovation based cultures, specifically academic, clinical, and entrepreneurial.

Passionate about bringing cutting edge innovations to healthcare and medicine, Julien founded RHINNO, a skunkworks innovation lab at BWH to help launch digital health ideas into startups.

RHINNO introduces agility and entrepreneurship into academic medical centers.

“We want to create a new micro-ecosystem where healthcare employees are empowered and inspired to bring great ideas to startup life.” Said Julien.

RHINNO provides strategic and technical assistance to help co-develop hypothesis-driven prototypes with clinical “champions”, known as Rhinnovators.  These Rhinnovators are then expected to drive the process forward and launch, either through seed funding or via a startup accelerator.

RHINNO uses lean methodology and design thinking to rapidly develop physician-driven web and mobile proof-of-concept applications and facilitate transitions to startup incubation.

The Rhinnovators have already been awarded the “Best Mobile Hack” using Microsoft Windows Azure, at AngelHack@Microsoft (See picture), and the “most likely to succeed” award at the Tufts 3-Day Startup.

It seems like RHINNO has a bright future ahead!

For more information on RHINNO, please visit: http://rhinno.partners.org/

For more information on entrepreneurship in eHealth, please visit: http://www.hubtech21.com/