“We engage with our community for building our product” Alexis Roos, Solutions architect at Couchbase

We interviewed Alexis Roos, solutions architect at Couchbase, a new Silicon Valley leader in Big Data, for which Open Innovation is in the DNA of his company.

  • Prime: Hello Alexis, what is the history, mission, objectives and accomplishments of Couchbase?

Alexis: Couchbase is a leader of the NoSQL database market and offers a unique product. It combines an integrated cache and Document Oriented Database supporting easy scalabilityconsistent high performance24×365 availability, and a flexible data model. We offer commercially licensed and supported versions of the Couchbase Server. Our 400+ commercial customers come from many industries such as social and online gaming, advertising, communications, business services, e-commerce, social networking and media and increasingly Fortune 500s.

  • Prime: Why is big data (with cloud computing and big users) one of the three trends which is disrupting the database status quo?

Alexis: Data is generated at a pace faster than ever before and has evolved beyond transactional data to include many new types of data including observations and interactions. Personal user information, geo location data, social graphs, user-generated content, machine logging data, and sensor-generated data are just a few examples of the ever-expanding array of data being captured. Apps that don’t leverage it quickly will quickly fall behind. Developers want a very flexible database that easily accommodates new data types and isn’t disrupted by content structure changes from third-party data providers.

The use of data is rapidly changing the nature of communication, shopping, advertising, entertainment, and relationship management. This could include storing user profile, shopping data, text messages, etc.

  • Prime: What are Couchbase disruptive innovations in Big data ?

Couchbase is designed for the operational side of Big data, as oppose to the analytical side (these days best known through Hadoop). The operational database is what on-line applications rely on 24×7, 365 days a year. Historically relational databases (RDBMS) supported on-line applications but can now longer cope with the growth of data and volume of users. This has led to to a new movement called NoSQL which Couchbase is a pioneer of. NoSQL is designed to solve RDBMS limitations through linear scale out architecture, flexible data model, high performance and low latency and always on 24×7.

  • Prime: You have a “Couchbase Community Portal” and you organize a big event in September with your customers and partners. Do you think that “open innovation” is one of the best ways to innovate?

Alexis: Couchbase SF is our largest developer event / main conference where we will engage our community, customers and partners.  We will have a number of sessions in addition to meetings, activities, training, and lots of customers like Nielsen and Orbitz who will share use cases and experiences with Couchbase. We are an open source software company so we engage with community for building our product, for example they can contribute to report a bug, give usability feedback, help improve the docs or get involved with the code. Some of our clients have originated from our community. To foster our ecosystem, we support a number of community events and conferences. Working with an open source model also allows us to find customers building upon our technology.

  • Prime: Do you see interesting initiatives and companies coming from France in your sector?

Alexis: Some of our partners originated from France such as Talend. Silicon Valley offers them a unique combination of Tech companies, Tech talent and ecosystem (top universities, VCs, angel investors, mentors, etc).

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