As the leading European employment market, Paris Region attracts on average one-third of international investments in France per year. In 2017, Paris Region received 414 international investments, 16% more than in 2016. The total number of jobs (created and maintained) increased from 7,454 to 7,649, and the number of jobs created stabilized at 6,626.

Greater investor numbers and loyalty:
73% of the projects that chose Paris Region are new investors, while 27% are extensions, testifying to the satisfaction of investors already established in the region.

The United States was the biggest investor in Paris Region:

  • The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and China were the main investors and accounted for half of foreign investment in Paris Region.
  • The United States was the biggest investor in Paris Region, with their share rising from 21% in 2016 to 26% in 2017 (from 76 FDI to 108 FDI), an increase of 42%.
  • 48% of foreign investment came from Europe, led by increases from the United Kingdom (+ 45%), Sweden (+ 111%) and the Netherlands (+ 129%).
  • North America and Asia ranked second and third, accounting for 29% and 17% of foreign investment respectively.
  • China was the leading Asian investor, ahead of Japan, accounting for 37% of Asian investment and 6% of total investment.

A region at the forefront of innovation:
36% of FDI is in the IT sector compared to 27% in 2016.
In addition, 35 R&D centers chose Paris Region this year, compared to 29 in 2016, to benefit from the excellence of the Paris Region innovation environment.

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