We are now less than a month and a half away from the first U.S. edition of the Inria-Industry meeting that will be held at PRIME/French Tech Hub, in San Francisco CA. Focusing on Smart City and Urban Mobility innovation, the agenda is filling itself quickly. You can still register on Eventbrite

The program of the day will include keynote speeches from city representatives of San Francisco and Paris, as well as Cisco, which has recently announced hefty investments in France in Smart City solutions. More than 20 Inria startups and research teams will present their innovative solutions and projects. They will all get feedback from a panel of experts including Microsoft, Sigfox, Silver Spring Networks, Renault and SFMTA.

Here is a quick overview of all the projects that will be presented during the Inria-Industry Meeting:

Transport & Mobility

  • New mobility solutions (robotics and autonomous systems)

E-MOTION – Autonomous driving in human environment

RITS – Automated route

MPC Lab – Personalization of driving assistance and autonomous driving

  • Big data analysis for city planning, traffic management and personalized mobility

NECS – An Experimental Platform for Advanced Traffic Monitoring and Forecasting

ORESTE – Connected Corridors: Optimal REroute Strategies for Traffic managEment

Vulog – Modular software platform that allows mobility operators to implement all types of Car Sharing services

Cities, IoT & Analytics

  • Sensing and Networking

BioInspira – A versatile sensor platform to allow detection of a wide variety of airborne chemicals

CAIRN – Shouting for Help with wireless audio sensors

Contextualize – Context-aware systems that manage communications on mobile devices

FIT IoT-Lab – Boost IoT experimentations with FIT IoT-Lab

HIKOB – Wireless and multi-points data acquisition systems

OpenWSN – A wireless technology for industrial sensor networks

RIOT – Interoperation of heterogeneous IoT hardware with RIOT

URBANET – Mobility, Privacy and Networks

  • Urban systems and platforms

AMBIENTIC – Bootstrap your user base with GoFlow’s community crowdsourcing platform

AppCivist – Towards better means for democratic assembly and collective action

CliqueSquare – Massively Parallel Open Data Query Evaluation

ConPaaS – Automatic deployment of mobile application back-end

PlugDB – Towards the Secure Personal Cloud

ScalAgent DT – An ISV, expert in asynchronous middleware

UrbanCivics – Urban data democratization and its application to assess urban pollution

  • Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems

Artelys – Decision-support, modeling and optimization of energy systems

CLIME – Coupling modeling and observation for the simulation of air pollution

CoSMo COMPANY– Predictive analytics platform for complex systems

DATAIKU – Software platform to load and enrich data from various Big Data sources

iQSpot – To decrease the energy consumption of buildings by engaging its occupants

NUMTECH – Operational decision support systems specifically aimed at helping you manage atmospheric discharges at your sites

SINOVIA – Smart City platform to coordinate resources and processes and to develop local citizen/end-users centric new services

To meet and engage with city representatives, experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of smart cities, please register on Eventbrite