In Extenso, part of the Deloitte network, has been successfully delivering business support services to foreign companies in France since 1990. They provide support and management services to entrepreneurs setting-up in France, at every stage of their business development.

In Extenso is a valued partner of Paris Region Entreprises. Frédéric Mortamais, in charge of support for foreign companies operating in France, provided more details on the services he offers to his customers.

How do you facilitate development for foreign firms with presence in the Paris Region?

We are a team of 50 professionals specializing in services for foreign companies, including accounting, social management and pay, legal and auditing. Our team has the experience to support a business at all stages of its development: establishing the business in the Paris Region, recurring activity, growth operations and reorganizations. Our support is tailored to address the specific characteristics and needs of our customers in order to ensure the success of foreign investors’ operations in France. We are familiar with local requirements and conditions so can help with the organizational structure, IT systems, reporting tools. Overall, we want our customers to focus exclusively on developing their business activities.

How exactly do you support a company?

When a foreign group or company wants to set up shop in France, we help them structure the project.

  • First, we define the type of structure that best meets their objectives and activity.
  • Then we define the structure of operations within the Group [forecasting intragroup flows] and impacts in terms of results.
  • After this first analysis, we assist with the administrative procedures to create the business, and then support all the back office activities including accounting, fiscal obligations, payroll and social obligations.
  • We can also customize this support by just intervening during the establishment phase, or only supporting specific projects such as preparing reporting, specific declarations, acquisitions or rounds of funding.

We have varied pricing structures, depending on the size of projects and development plans.

Why would you advise foreign companies to contact Paris Region Entreprises for their expansion project?

Mainly to benefit from Paris Region Entreprises’ network of partners: banks, office space, development experts… These are local professionals who have extensive experience in supporting foreign companies and are quite familiar with the territory. It’s a major asset for the foreign business. Additionally we do not hesitate to mobilize this network when our customers have a requirement that is not necessarily one of our specialties.

Originally published on Succeed Magazine.

Author: Baptiste Roux Dit Riche