Cybersecurity is a growing concern in our societies. A working paper by The Institute for Information Security & Privacy at Georgia Tech, presents new evidence about the rapid shift to encryption, such as the HTTPS version of the basic web protocol. Current predictions estimate that 70% of Internet traffic will be encrypted by 2016!

Corporations are subject to tens of thousands of cyber attacks everyday, and by next year this figure could reach hundreds of thousands. The ability to access data is quite easy nowadays. Remember the recent hospital hack in Los Angeles less than a month ago? Preventing incidents from happening, by relying on automated approaches, is thus crucial.

Cybersecurity related issues are as diverse as data encryption, from individual authentication, to IoT security, to application and source code security. With that in mind, last month we hosted aTechmeeting focused on cyber security during the RSA Conference to showcase a dozen of innovative American and European startups. Here is a spotlight on some of them:

  • Wickr uses cryptography to secure messaging and data transfer at the device level to safeguard the integrity and distribution of personal and business data. Journalists, human right activists and world leaders can use Wickr secure private messaging to ensure the privacy of their conversations.
  • The rise of IoT comes along with the need for authentication and securing machine-to-machine communication. While French company IDnomic has been protecting the digital identities of citizens and corporate employees for more than 12 years, it is now tackling security issues for IoT. IDnomic solutions can help secure smart home devices and the future connected cars.
  • While biometrics such as fingerprint, voice and iris are commonly used, B-Secur uses ECG biometric technology to read an individual’s unique heartbeat pattern through their fingertips to verify their identity. Potential applications are numerous including airport security and payment cards.
  • French company TrustInSoft provides a code analyzer that enables software developers and integrators to exhaustively detect the most frequent and dangerous families of threats before deployment.
  • Vera, who just landed $17 Million in Series B funding, is attempting to secure data everywhere it travels. Allowing people to use any application (eg. Box, Dropxbox, Google, etc) and device they want, they enable businesses to secure, track and share digital information.

We organized this event in partnership with Systematic, the Paris Region Digital Cluster fostering the emergence of startups and the growth of technological SMEs with global ambitions.

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