The Paris Region offers entrepreneurs a wide range of solutions for financing their projects. From national or local subsidies, to tax credits or private equity investments, many options are available.

Private Investment

 The Paris Region has the largest concentration of business angel networks. There are about 4,200 business angels in France, investing €45 million every year. Private investors invest approximately €6 billion per year in France.  The vast majority of French and international private investment funds, and the most active ones, are located in Paris.

Some of the most active investment funds include

Some hybrid public/private funds to look at:

Business Angel Networks

Paris Region entrepeneurs and private investors

Public Funding and Tax Credits to Spur R&D 

The French government and European institutions are strongly backing technological innovation to drive growth.

France has one of the most attractive R&D Tax Credits in the world.

  • Represents 30% of all R&D expenses, up to €100 million
  • Covers all R&D expenses (salaries, social security contributions, amortization and depreciation, operating costs, patents and monitoring) and 20% innovation expenses

The status Jeune Entreprise Innovante is a special status reserved for SMEs and provides various tax exemptions and reductions in social contributions over an eight-year period.

The Crédit Impôt Innovation was created in 2013, and aims to promote the production of prototypes and pilot installations.

Tax Credits paris region

Paris Region entrepreneurs can also benefit from PM’up funds. PM’up is an overall grant reserved for Paris Region SMEs, distributed via calls for projects (e.g. green business, healthcare, ICT, transport, sustainable mobility, high tech, culture, digital creation, environmental pollution cleanup). These grants can provide up to €250,000 for the most promising start-ups.

Entrepreneurs: the Region is a key partner

For project developers, the Paris Region remains the ideal gateway to access these funds. Paris Region Entreprises is responsible for directing companies to the right contacts in the Paris Region: banks, investment funds, institutions, associations, etc.

If you are looking to expand your business in Europe and would like to explore the French market, please contact us for more information .