CES (January 6 – 9, 2016) is a global consumer electrics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. With 3,673 booths, 162, 000 visitors, 20,000 innovations presented, and 6,575 media representatives, CES can serve as a major launching pad for high-tech companies.

International Boost helps French entrepreneurs register and prepare for CES 2016 and organizes two Roadshows in July, where past CES attendees can share their experience. Here are some of their tips:

  • Be there

Jeanne Chaumais, C-Way’s CEO, attended CES as a visitor to generate leads and network. By going early in the morning, she was able to talk to a representative from Gemalto, which would have taken her months back in France.

Whether to network and find leads or to show your product and get visibility prior to your launch in the U.S, “CES is the place to be!” says Pierre-Louis Hazart, Sales Engineer at GenyMobile.

  • Get ready and get prepared

As Remy Kone from Twelve Monkeys advises, it’s important to arrive a few days before the show begins. It allows you to get used to airplane jet lag and fix any bugs your prototype might have. Twelve Monkeys’ prototype was not working in Las Vegas, but since they arrived 4 days early, their CTO was able to find a hardware store and fix it. Richard Ollier, Giroptic’s CEO also advises companies to attend CES Unveiled, the Official Press Conference, which occurs in Paris in October and in Las Vegas in early January, as a good start to meet press representatives and generate some buzz.

  • Do it yourself

Instead of paying $120K for a booth with CES partners, you can easily get one for around $35K by preparing it yourself. As Richard Ollier explains, you’ll have to take care of all organizational tasks (delivering all you need to your booth, getting a prototype carpet, setting up the booth) but it’s a great way to bond the team together. He also advises to sign partnerships with brands to get accessories / products for free during the show (screens, computers, lights, etc.).

  • Stay close with your team

As explained by Richard Ollier, CES is also a great way to do some team building, but it is also an exhausting show in the busy and noisy town that is Las Vegas. You should then rent a house or apartment for your whole team a bit far from the city and the show to relax at nights.

French Tech Hub sends representatives at CES every year and can also meet with you after CES in our offices in San Francisco to help you plan your launch in the U.S.