Paris Region Entreprises launched the “Global Open Innovation Network”, with subsidiaries in the US (Boston, San Francisco) and in China (Shanghai, Beijing), in order to connect innovative international start-ups with large French corporations.


Pitch your solution to large corporations and initiate innovation partnerships with large French and international corporations

Paris Region Entreprises launched the Global Open Innovation Network in Paris, Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing to connect international start-ups with large French corporations.

Why is there a need for a global open innovation program in the Paris Region?

The digital revolution has led to an accelerated pace of innovation. Indeed, 40% of Fortune 500 companies may not be able to survive within 10 years if they don’t innovate.

In this context, large French corporations are now looking to partner with start-ups to adapt their business models and integrate new technologies.

Whereas most large French corporations are already collaborating with French start-ups, it is more difficult for them to identify international start-ups for partnerships. The added value of the Global Open Innovation Network is to connect them with international start-ups looking to expand their businesses in the Paris Region.

A global innovation footprint

The Global Open Innovation Network runs monthly TechMeetings where executives from large corporations can meet with start-ups. Every quarter, Innovation Workshops are organized with international experts to take a deep dive on strategic topics and offer networking opportunities among peers. Throughout the year, the Global Open Innovation Network also opens its network of international start-ups to its members and offers useful contacts

International Techmeeting Agenda 2017


TechMeeting @International Paris Air Show – Paris-Le Bourget – June 23, 2017

Retail & e-commerce TechMeeting – September 18, 2017

Blockchain TechMeeting – October 19, 2017

Smart mobility TechMeeting – November 16, 2017

Smart building TechMeeting – December, 2017


Blockchain TechMeeting powered by the Open Innovation Club and SAP Startup Focus – July 19, 2017

Smart Energy TechMeeting – September 18, 2017

Smart Mobility TechMeeting – October 25, 2017