The IoT revolution has opened floodgates to a broad spectrum of low-cost sensor devices that can digitally sample the minutest aspects of industrial operations into real-time data streams. This brings the promise of intelligent systems & software that can control and orchestrate the operations of an industrial plant with the same finesse as today’s software systems. These systems can deeply disrupt control systems into virtualized software platforms, which can overlay on intelligent IoT platforms and instantaneously kick-start software defined operations.

On October 9th, The Hive holds an event on this very topic: how software is defining the factories of the future. Hosted at Gigaom, this event will explore use-cases in oil & gas, process/discrete manufacturing and energy distribution that can tremendously benefit from commercial terms & control architectures of software defined factories. This event is a perfect introduction to CaFFEET’14 on Smart Factories that will be held in November.


The event will include a panel discussion, a Q&A session and some time of networking. The panel discussion will be moderated by Jeff Johnson – Group Vice President at ABB, a global leader in Power and Automation technologies providing a broad range of products and solutions to improve performance and reduce environmental impact of companies.

 The following panel will share their case studies and opinions

  • Sujeet Chand – CTO at Rockwell Automation
  • Aglaia Kong – CTO at Cisco China
  • Rohit Bhargava – CTO, WW Manufacturing & Resources Sector at Microsoft
  • Mitch Vaughn – Principal Engineer, HMI Center of Competence at Siemens Industry US

To attend

When? Thursday, October 9th from 6-9 pm

Where? Microsoft, Mountain View, CA

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