From March 24th to 26th, the Club Open Innovation, a Paris-based initiative dedicated to fostering business relationships between startups and large corporations is visiting San Francisco. Together with its mirror group, the Open Innovation Club in the US, 30 world-leading French and American corporations will meet with disruptive American companies for 2.5 days. These corporations are key players in various sectors, from aerospace to entertainment and IT services and total an aggregated turnover of $500 billion.


They will meet with 50 startups and innovative companies developing solutions for:

  •        CRM, Big Data, Payment

Among them are Placemeter, Jiwire, Linknovate, Rescale, Concurrent…

  •        Smart Home, connected objects and Robotics

Among them are ioBridge, Electric Imp, Local motion, NeuroSky, Streetline…

No doubt that the exchanges over these coming 2.5 days will be inspiring and will lead to a great number of collaborations between French and American companies.


A learning expedition managed by Paris Région Lab & PRIME

Paris Region Lab is a non profit organization initiated by Paris municipality and “Ile de France Region” in 2009. Its purpose is the development of Parisian incubators, and the support for innovative experiments over the Greater Paris territory. Regarding business incubation, Paris Region Lab focuses on late stage ventures: start- ups have shaped their offer, and have earned their first customers. Paris Region Lab accomodates 150 start-ups over various locations, and partners with La Ruche, a coworking space for ‘social business’.

PRIME is a transatlantic innovation platform promoting the Paris region as a center of innovation and engaging in activities to encourage and incentivize American companies and organizations to invest in the Paris region. PRIME offers a series of services and programs fostering transatlantic partnerships: connecting Paris region labs with American companies, Open Innovation programs connecting corporations with innovative startups, learning expeditions, technology events, etc. PRIME is a subsidiary of the Paris Region Economic Development Agency.