Steven MAdge_Dassault SystemesSteven Madge is Vice President, Industry & Global Affairs for Dassault Systèmes in North America. Dassault Systèmes has been a member of the Open Innovation Club and a valuable partner of PRIME. We sat down with Steven to learn more about his role and Dassault Systèmes.

Tell us about Dassault Systèmes and the “experience economy”?

Dassault Systèmes is a scientific software company harnessing “Product, Nature and Life”, transforming the way products are designed, produced and supported. Dassault Systèmes employs 14,000 passionate people around the world, has over 200,000 enterprise customers spread across 12 clearly defined industries.

We know that the old fashioned going to the store buying experience isn’t enough anymore, for this reason Dassault Systèmes is focusing on the “experience economy”. In Dassault Systèmes’s world when you walk to a store the better the experience, the more likelihood someone will spend more money, talk positively about the brand, and keep returning. If we can be involved from the first ideation phase, we can help our clients engineer, design and create a better product and a better immersive experience overall. In the last few years we have created the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, which offers a seamless experience consumer platform that connects all the data from engineering, research, manufacturing, etc, in all formats, in one place, on premise and in the cloud.

What is your role at Dassault Systèmes?

My role is to develop and nurture a network of industry influencers, and build relationships that will lead to new business opportunities. My goal is to increase Dassault Systèmes brand awareness by leveraging the power of networking and executive relationships.

For this reason, being a member of the Open Innovation Club has been extremely valuable. In the few months of membership the Open Innovation Club has introduced Dassault Systèmes not only to industry C-level leaders, but also several very interesting startup companies. The fact that the Open Innovation Club operates on the West and East coasts is perfect for us.

My role also includes engineering new mid-term/long-term disruptive business initiatives that could become mega opportunities as well as support and promote existing business relationships to grow and expand into other areas of the 3DExperience platform offerings. 

What are some technologies you are most excited about?

Dassault Systèmes works across 12 different industries and we have the ability to visualize and simulate almost anything. In the medical field for example, we offer The Living Heart which simulates the human heart for the testing of medical devices; we are working with the FDA on this.

In the automotive space, with advanced 3D technologies we can simulate very complex destructive crash tests. When companies crash a test vehicle into a concrete block they only capture what is physically visible, they miss potentially harmful material breakages or over or under engineered components that could assist in improved safety whilst reducing weight and cost.

What do innovation and startup collaborations look like at Dassault Systèmes?

Dassault Systèmes has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since it was formed in the 1980’s. We have developed industry specific processes called “Social Ideation”, which captures multi-faceted information to source digital information from the web into a shareable dashboard. With such vast amounts of information and data, we have the basis of competitive intelligence and transform our ideas into actions.

We also just launched the 3D Experience Lab this year. It is a fantastic program that supports all aspects of new ideas, new technologies, innovation and solutions from multiple industries. Dassault Systèmes staff to pick what they deem to be a forward-thinking innovation and pitch it internally to the board. If approved, Dassault Systèmes will provide expertise, software and human resources to help realize a perfect product. Dassault Systèmes doesn’t invest financially in these companies, we support them for up to 3 years after which we hope they become successful and continue to use our solutions and promote what we are doing.

Dassault Systèmes has also just established La Fondation Dassault Systèmes dedicated to transforming the future of education and research by harnessing the powerful learning and discovery capabilities of 3D technology and virtual universes. La Fondation Dassault Systèmes will provide grants, digital content and skillsets in virtual technologies to education and research initiatives at forward-thinking academic institutions, research institutes, museums, associations, cultural centers and other general interest organizations throughout the European Union.

Finally, Dassault Systèmes is teaming up with accelerators and incubators across the globe to support early stage hardware startups through the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program. We provide resources including SOLIDWORKS software, training and mentoring to help with the success of the resident companies.


Dassault Systèmes will be at CES in Las Vegas from Jan 5 – 8, 2017

Come to Dassault Systèmes’s brand new Pavilion, where virtual meets reality and discover their Experience Areas dedicated to the Transportation & Mobility, Life Sciences, High-Tech and Consumer Goods & Retail industries. By immersing yourself in a 3D world, you will discover why virtual and augmented reality are making headlines.

Find Dassault Systèmes’ Pavilion at Sands Expo, Halls A-D, Level 2, Booth 42530 (3D Printing Marketplace)