tumblr_ljob3gdUTd1qzx2p7o1_500With the internet, instant uploading of online materials give authors more autonomy in the distribution and publication of their books. They can work directly with editors and designers, or choose to publish in App stores or e-reader sites like, the Kindle store. You see more and more in people in the streets or on a bus carrying a digital book or mobile phone to catch up on their reading.

However, self-publishing can get expensive: editing, marketing, designing, distribution… Thankfully, social and technological advances like crowd-funding platforms can make it easier.

Crowd funding is a type of micro-investment where the public can raise enough funds for a project to launch. Crowd-funding platforms help people raise money to fund a project they care strongly about while giving the project more visibility.

Thankfully, self-publishers are growing more aware of this new way of raising money and use it in order to market and fund their books. Plus, crowd funding, with its visibility and marketing tools inherent in the platform, can drive more sales and help the author connecting with people who are interested in their work.

What’s stopping you from being the next JK Rowling?