Climate change and resource depletion are two realities that increasingly affect us in all regions of the world. What are the concrete solutions – applicable across different economic sectors – and where can they be found?

Join PRIME and World Efficiency Solutions for 2 world-class events:

June 6th in Cambridge, Mass: Techmeeting Energy and Cleantech (see details below)

December 12-14 in Paris: World Efficiency Solutions 


World Efficiency aims to bring together innovative solutions and projects from across sectors, to create a real market place for solutions for resource-efficiency and low-carbon growth. The main advantage of such a cross-cutting event is to showcase existing, applicable solutions – as well as foster synergies, exchanges and the pooling of ideas, projects and solutions, between sectors that share common objectives.


World Efficiency Solutions Offers
This unprecedented approach proposed by Reed Expositions, materializes with a unique community platform and the organisation of a three-day event from 12th to 14th December 2017 in Paris.

The “WE Connect” platform will gradually give access to contacts, expertise, innovative solutions and examples of best practices; introduce and refresh knowledge on relevant topics, and will make possible meetings and networking with targeted actors. The World Efficiency event will bring together a summit of decision makers in partnership with World Climate Ltd, an exhibition of multi-sectoral solutions, a showcase of the most dynamic innovations with PEXE-The French Cleantech Network, and a space for training new tools and practices related to each sector.

You too, can join this community of actors in the resource-efficient, low-carbon economy and participate in the creation of this new market!

The audience for the WE Summit will be drawn from the 20,000 participants of WE Solutions, which will include: Government leaders such as ministers, mayors, and experts; a high number of CEOs, business executives and deal-makers that attend for partnerships and business opportunities; CEOs from financial
institutions such as commercial banks, pensions funds, sovereign wealth funds and international development banks; top level representation from major research institutions and advocacy groups within low-carbon and resource-efficiency; philanthropists, civil society organisations and leading media.


Join the Open Innovation Club and World Efficiency Solutions in Boston on June 6th for a startup pitch event and panel discussion on Energy Efficiency, Low-Carbon Technologies, Energy Storage, Smart Buildings and more. You can use discount code OCI50 for 50% off of registration.