With CES closing on January 12th, the Global Open Innovation Network wanted to pursue the conversation about Consumer Tech and hold a TechMeeting on this topic.

The event kicked off with a panel discussion between:

Like each year, the Automobile industry was very present at CES 2018. The focus was more on new business models this year, and less on electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

Indeed, as Smart Cities and autonomous driving become a reality, the car is becoming a commodity. It is more about the services provided within the car than the car itself as Mathieu from Asteel Flash stated. Toyota E-palette, an autonomous electric vehicle that you can configure as you wish, is the perfect example of that.

With decreasing battery costs, EV economics make sense from an OEM standpoint. EV is not the future anymore but a reality. We are now noticing new business models such as solutions that match people with available EV chargers and people in need of charging, as Prashanthi from Schneider Electric mentioned. From an energy point of view, there are still challenges to solve such as scaling the electricity supply to meet the demand or making sure that the electricity produced is environmentally friendly, which is not the case everywhere.

We also witnessed a battle between Alexa, following last year’s launch, and the Google Voice Assistant. Both solutions were integrated in many other solutions showcased by large corporations and startups. Haptics and gesture control also were very present during this CES. There is a strong belief that the future of interactions will be a mix of all these interfaces and will be used according the context and the use case.

After such an interesting discussion, 9 innovative startups showcased their solutions to the audience and the Global Open Innovation Network to explore potential collaboration opportunities.


The nine startups that presented were:

Angee is an autonomous home security system. It can be controlled by and send notifications to a smartphone and features a cylindrical form factor housing a HD camera with night vision capabilities.
Senstone is the first portable voice assistant. Tap, speak and their AI turns ideas into text notes, to-do lists, reminders and organizes them with keywords (subjects) and time.
SNIFFY© is an innovative displaying network for multi-sensorial communication to improve trigger and memorization of the emotion behind the magic of the customer experience.
Temi—short for “technology for me”—is advertised as the first truly intelligent, mobile personal robot for the home or office that places you at the center of your technology, whether connecting with friends and family online or via video, or interacting with your smart home devices.
Laika by Camtoy is a smart robot designed to become a dog companion.
Mbient Lab builds the next generation of Wearable and Smart Sensor devices including the Whipper, a Smart climbing sensor.
Biowatch is a user-friendly wrist veins biometric reader that functions as a security solution for mobile payment protection and smart device interaction.
Domalys is a French leader company in co-designing solutions for senior specific needs, so that they can remain independent.Their range of solutions goes from ergonomic equipment to smart objects like Aladin (smart lamp).
Stratio – LinkSquare offers mobile spectrometer and development kit that allows individuals and enterprises to collect spectral data anywhere and build their own applications.


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