Cisco, the multinational technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, officially opened its Paris Innovation Research Lab in 2015.

The main topics the lab is working on are ICN (information-centric networking), IPv6, IoT big data analytics, and Deep learning. The space was designed to enable collaboration for innovators. It is entirely programmable to let the community develop their startup projects on top of the Cisco platform.

In order to take full advantage of the research and startup ecosystem in the Paris Region, Cisco has built partnerships and works closely with PHDs and researchers. By building partnerships with existing incubators and startup accelerators, Cisco gives them access to technology, resources, tools and environment so that they can build new ideas and innovate. There is also a strong partnership with Ecole Polytechnique to teach and train engineers and better prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Cisco Paris Innovation Research Lab is focusing particularly on smart cities. In partnership with NUMA, a startup accelerator based in Paris, they created a program called Data City which is really about focusing on start-ups who are going to push the boundaries of how you can create value based on the aggregation of smart city data.


Source: Cisco Newsroom