Photo courtesy of Zeutch

Energy Storage is one of the key technologies that will shape our future. Energy storing devices such as batteries are life-saving– uses range from health, mobile, to transportation.  In Silicon Valley, Berkeley University Lab is making critical steps to centralizing the role played by energy storage technology. In launching Calcharge, an incubator dedicated to battery startups, already hosts Polyplus, SEEO, Envia or Sakti3.

Many of these companies are government-subsidized, and will introduce disruptive technologies largely in the way we use our way batteries!

What does battery storage technology mean for the Electric Automotive industry? At the moment batteries are still lackluster when it comes to powering the electric car– costly, and heavy.

At Tesla, the battery is redesigned offer customers the possibility to “charge their battery faster than (they) can fill a gas tank!” reports CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla is not the first company to explore battery replacement technology, as DBT with the help of Matra already made some prototypes for electric scooters and bicycles. They have  10-battery stations that replace one fully charged battery in exchange of your depleted one.

After years of investing time and energy into the Startup Betterplace  Tesla announced that they will equip their charging station grids with battery swapping products. Betterplace focused on battery swapping services, and ended up with a Renault-partnered project called Quick Drop, a station already on the market and enabling Renault ZEO users to exchange the battery of their car in less than 30 seconds

Another great example of Tesla’s capacity to set early stage businesses is maybe his involvement in building energy managements systems. Partnering with the biggest EV charging station maker ChargePoint, they are leading some pilot projects in California and Michigan. In this way you can transform energy production to consumption… Your vehicle as a part of the smart grid- and that’s an amazing opportunity!